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Oct 8, 2012 11:30pm PDT
. >> reporter: he used the event to rev up the supporters after new polls show the race tightening with romney after his strong show in the debate. >> romney. we were talking about this -- he was confident but he was speaking -- confidently. protesters waves signs. >> we aren't funneling drugs to the black marketw. are keeping patients such as myself from having to resort to the black market. >> reporter: early net evening police blocked streets near the hotel where he attended a expensive event. 25 supporters paid $40,000 each for a seat at the round table. on the tarmac. >> i think it's just a wonderful opportunity. >> reporter: there was plenty of excitement. >> i think he needs four more years to finish what he started. >> reporter: the days events expected to bring in about four million dollars to his campaign and that is important cash as both of the candidates rachet up their television adds. reporting live in san francisco. heather hoppings. >> more details on the president's night in san francisco. before the conner speech he attended a fundraising dinner for 100 donors. bay area
Oct 7, 2012 1:30am PDT
romney's to win and he had to deliver in order to gain needed ground in the polls. others speculated that president obama would play it safe in order to not lose the lead in polls he had earned so far. the debate provided plenty of back and forth between the opponents. but overall the assessment was president obama didn't deliver on what could have been an opportunity to end governor romney's chances. melinda "this was romney's chance to really make his case. people are starting to vote already, we got early voting, and mail voting. he had to make a strong showing tonight and i think he did." spencer still felt confident in the direction of her vote but wants to see more from mr. obama. donna "he didn't seem super super excited and passionate about the subject matter. maybe he's tired." brewer was happy to see romney have such a nice showing and looks for this to give the governor momentum going forward. brewer "i think we saw a clear difference between the two candidates and importantly we saw obama didn't understand what he was talking about."" this thursday vice president joe bide
Oct 8, 2012 7:00pm PDT
the research center released a poll today that shows 49% of likely voters now they they back romney while 45% say they support president obama. >>> today marks the first day the voters could vote by mail. for those already registered to vote by mail, election officials are expected to start sending out those ballots tomorrow after the columbus day holiday. if you haven't registered to vote the deadline to do so is october 22nd. >>> concerns tonight from election officials cy young voters are more likely to have their vote by mail ballots rejected than older voters. contra costa election steve says that's because their soinths their voter registration card often do not match the signature on the back of their mail-in ballot. >> that could mean an election is being lost because of that, and it break misheart to see the younger people that you're getting sievically engaged and you can't count their ballot. >> 20 to 39-year-olds in contra costa county make up to 15% of the voters but 50% of the signature rejection. >>> well, the president's arrival is not exactly welcomed by republicans. one hom
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3